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Russet kirtle

   My first kirtle in a russet color. The bodice and the skirt is made in two separate pieces for variability. The bodice is interlined by a canvas and stiffened by steel bonesLacing in the front of the bodice fastened by a lucet string throught eyes makes a place for a stiffened stomacher or only a piece of fabric. The stomacher can be connected to the split of the skirt. More information about this project can be found in „Ženský odev 1620-1645“ in Sborník příspěvků - Workshop třicetileté války 2012, ISBN 978-80-7453-371-6. The photo shows the top woolen skirt, the woolen stocking, the linen shirt and a coif.

Tailor's - Baska, part 1
Copyright Martina a Martin Hřibovi © 2006
Tailor's - Baska, Pink kirtle, part 1